Parking Guide for University of Akron





What is it?

MetroZip is a program that allows all University students, faculty and staff to ride any regular* Metro route in Summit County free of charge simply by swiping their Zip Card!

The Roo Express shuttle stops regularly at the RKP Metro RTA Transit Center – see the Roo Express schedule – South and Weekend routes.

*Exclusions: North Coast Express services will receive a one dollar per trip fare credit. SCAT services are excluded. Metro does not operate on some holidays.

What students are saying

I am a commuter and do not have a car. I was about to start purchasing monthly bus passes so I could travel back and forth between work, school and home. Thank you so much for this service! I will continue to take advantage of this program. I am so happy with it.

Fabiana Miller Heisler

Riding the METRO is EASY

Not sure what route to take? Use METRO’s trip planner, system map, or how-to videos to figure out how to get to where you need to go.

If you are on a smart phone, use for convenient access to schedules, METRO website or the trip planner. METRO also offers free travel training sessions so you can learn the ins and outs of public transit one-on-one.


All printed Metro route schedules are available in the Parking and Transportation Services Office and Off-campus Student Services.

Lost items: Please contact METRO’s customer service department at 330-762-0341 to see if your item has been turned in.

About Metro

METRO is the public transportation provider for Summit County. Its fixed route buses, SCAT service, express line to Cleveland and northern county curb-to-curb services complete more than 5 million trips per year.

METRO’s downtown Akron Transit Center has been awarded a Gold LEED certification. The Robert K. Pfaff Transit Center serves as a stylish and comfortable station for the 5,000 passengers passing though it daily on their way to work, to school, to medical appointments and to some of the best places in town.

Using bike racks

Reading a schedule

Disability access

Have a violation notice?

Learn how to pay a parking fine