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UAkronPark Enhances Campus Parking with Restriped Robertson Deck (Lot 25)

Providing Convenient and Affordable Parking Options for Campus Visitors

UAkronPark is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for all members of the vibrant University of Akron community, including visitors. As part of its ongoing dedication to enhancing campus facilities and services, UAkronPark is excited to announce the completion of the restriping project at Robertson Deck, also recognized as Lot 25 or Visitor Lot A. This enhancement is geared towards providing a positive and convenient parking experience for all campus guests.

Convenience Meets Affordability

Upon entering the lot, guests can easily access available parking spaces on the same floor they entered—eliminating the need for ramp navigation and endless searching for a space. Making a payment has never been easier–payments can be made by scanning the QR codes on signs displayed in the lot (payment must be submitted before departing the lots.) The payment system is tailored to be visitor-friendly, with a rate of just $1.50 per hour, providing a perfect blend of affordability and convenience.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Recognizing the importance of transparent pricing for an enjoyable parking experience, UAkronPark ensures that visitors enjoy peace of mind when using Visitor Lot A. The maximum daily charge for parking in this lot is set at a reasonable $10.00 (an additional $0.35 transaction fee will apply to every parking session). This straightforward pricing approach ensures that visitors can park without the concern of accumulating hourly fees. UAkronPark’s commitment to maintaining affordable parking reflects its dedication to supporting campus growth and enhancing the visitor experience as they explore the campus.

Enhancing Visitor Experience

The re-striping of Robertson Deck (Lot 25) marks a significant stride towards providing a positive, convenient, and budget-friendly parking experience for all campus visitors. The strategic location, and transparent pricing structure of Visitor Lot A underscore the University of Akron’s unwavering dedication to ensuring every visitor’s interaction with the campus is as delightful as possible. This upgrade to the lot’s appearance is only the beginning of the numerous enhancements UAkronPark has planned for this semester alone.

Whether you’re attending an event, exploring the campus, or engaging in academic pursuits, UAkronPark’s endeavors to elevate the visitor parking experience reflect our commitment to excellence and our dedication to fostering the prosperity and growth of the University of Akron.