Parking Guide for University of Akron


Importance of Parking Enforcement

The primary objective of UAkronPark’s enforcement is not to generate violation revenue, but to ensure smooth and efficient parking facilities for all.

Parking enforcement plays a vital role in maintaining a welcoming and pleasant environment on campus.

The terms of the Concession Agreement include parking rates and regulations agreed upon by The University of Akron and the Concessionaire. The parking rates form the basis of the valuation of the Concession and the related bond financing and assume that The University of Akron will enjoy stable student enrollment (which drives total employee, student and visitor numbers) and that all parties on campus will comply with the parking rates and regulations.

Providing parking facilities is a costly endeavor; it’s necessary to maintain these facilities over time and ensure that everyone who needs to park can find a space when required. UAkronPark’s goal is not to rely on uncertain and fluctuating citation revenue but rather on stable permit sales.

The role of UAkronPark’s enforcement goes beyond mere revenue generation, it serves three important purposes:

  1. Firstly, to ensure compliance with payment regulations;
  2. Secondly, to ensure that parking spaces are used optimally, preventing capacity constraints caused by misuse; and
  3. Thirdly, to keep things fair. If UAkronPark’s rules and regulations aren’t enforced, it isn’t fair to those who pay and abide by those guidelines.

Ideally, everyone will pay the prescribed rate and remain in their respective space for their paid time, thereby eliminating the need for citations altogether.

UAkronPark uses a license plate recognition system, which helps detect parking violations and records internal photographic evidence to adjudicate appeals and enhance the system’s efficacy. In case of any appeal, UAkronPark meticulously reviews the evidence to ensure fair judgment. The cited party is encouraged to provide evidence of parking in accordance with UAkronPark’s Rules & Regulations illustrating that the citation was incorrectly issued.

UAkronPark’s appeal process is not automated but is personally overseen by a supervisor who applies the rules consistently.
Good enforcement practices lead to higher compliance and fewer citations, ultimately fostering a positive parking experience for everyone on our campus.

UAkronPark’s ultimate goal is to create an environment where everyone can park with ease and convenience.