Parking Guide for University of Akron




Violation list

01Vehicle not associated with a valid permit or session$35.00
02Plate not visible from drive aisle$35.00
03Shared permit / Both vehicles on campus within three hours$35.00
04Failure to park within lines$35.00
05Invalid or prohibited permit area$35.00
06Prohibited or invalid parking area$35.00
07Expired parking meter, exceeding posted time, or no valid session$35.00
08Blocking access$35.00
09Failure to heed directional signs$35.00
10Failure to heed officer or employee (may be remote ticket)$35.00
11Parking in a fire lane$70.00
12Fraudulent / tampered / lost / stolen permit or information$200.00
13Parking in a handicap area$300.00
14Boot / Relocation Fee$70.00

Infractions left unpaid after 10 days from date of issuance will increase by $10.

How to pay a parking fine

Warning Violations: There is no monetary penalty associated with a warning violation.

Appeal a Violation: Violations should be appealed if you feel a violation notice was issued in error. To appeal a violation go to and fill out the appeal form. Please note: the use of this form is only for customers who feel they have received a violation in error or extenuating circumstances beyond your control occurred to cause them to park illegally.

**All appeals must be made within 10 days of issuance of the violation.

**A violation may only be appealed once.

**Do not pay fines associated with your violation if you plan to appeal it. Payment will close your violation making it no longer eligible for appeal.

**Appeals generally take four to six weeks to receive a response during the Fall and Spring semesters. You will not be responsible for late fees which accrue on appealed fines before the decision has been reached and your vehicle will not be subject to immobilization for fines appealed.

**If you have additional documentation you would like to include in your appeal, such as photos, disability placard registration, tow receipts, medical appointment documentation, vehicle repair receipts or third party statements, please send as an attachment or a scanned copy to You are encouraged to add as much relevant information and supporting documentation as possible to the appeal to assist in the review process.

Motorist Assistance

Motorist assistance is offered through The University of Akron Police Department (UAPD). Should you need assistance, please call them at 330-972-2911. Please contact the UAkronPark office for additional information at

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