Parking Guide for University of Akron


No Shared Permits – Fair Parking Practices with Multiple Vehicles

With LPR technology on the way, students who are sharing parking permits will soon find that both the permit holder and the vehicle owner they share their permit with will each be subject to a $35 violation each time the cars are on campus within three hours of each other.

Please note that the description of each permit option displayed when purchasing a permit explicitly states the number of vehicles that may be associated with it. Crucially, permit descriptions also note that multiple plates on the same permit are not permitted to be on campus within three hours of one another. Shared permits might seem to be an easy way to save money, but they quickly lead to an unfair distribution of parking spaces and a shortage for those who purchased their permits and use them in compliance with UAkronPark’s rules and regulations.

For more information, please see UAkronPark Rules & Regulations Rule 20 and UAkronPark Violations Code 3.

By discouraging the sharing of permits, the rule contributes to a more equitable distribution of parking resources. Every person with a valid permit should have fair access to parking spaces.

Questions? Please contact UAkronPark at or 330-972-7213.