Parking Guide for University of Akron


Hourly Parking: Introducing Sphere

A Solution for Event & Other Transient Parking Needs at The University of Akron

UAkronPark is excited to bring Sphere to the University of Akron campus, offering a convenient solution for those who require transient parking. This innovative system simplifies parking payments, providing a flexible option for those who come to campus occasionally.

Sphere is ideal for:

  • Visitors and guests needing short-term parking
  • Departmental events
  • Students or faculty who are on campus infrequently
  • Events on campus where there are no parking attendants

Sphere is not a cost-effective replacement for regular parking permits needed by faculty, staff and students who are frequently on campus. Instead, it is a supplementary system designed for those with less frequent parking needs, providing an additional layer of convenience, affordability and flexibility.

Sphere also offers an easy method for parking validation for departments hosting events or visitors. This feature allows departments to manage parking for their guests efficiently, without the need to purchase a permit.

Reminder: While Sphere provides flexibility, UAkronPark Rules and Regulations still apply to every vehicle that parks on campus. It is advisable for those hosting guests on campus to share our website and remind them that license plates must face drive lanes to ensure compliance.

Where Can You Use Sphere?

Sphere is accessible at a wide range of parking locations throughout the campus. Sphere-equipped parking lots and decks will have signage prominently displayed. Each Sphere-equipped parking area features signs like the one illustrated below:

Scan to pay

For ease of use, especially during large campus events where parking locations may vary, we’re also introducing a simplified system. Use location #93957 to allow guests to park anywhere on campus. For direct access, visit Parking Near Me.

How Does It Work?

With Sphere, you have the flexibility to choose from various payment methods. Whether you prefer paying through an app, by text or simply scanning a QR code, Sphere has got you covered. Each parking location is equipped with QR code signs for easy access to the Sphere system.
How it works

Phone camera troubles? No problem! Sphere’s Text-to-Pay feature is easy to use. Simply text the zone number listed on the lot’s Sphere sign (example sign above) to 201-379-2616. After sending the text, drivers will receive a link to enter their license plate and credit/debit card information.

Parking Validation for Departments & Guests

For all departmental events, guest visits, or any occasion requiring parking arrangements, it’s crucial to begin by filling out our Special Event Parking Form on the UAkronPark website. Your Special Event Parking Form must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event if the request involves the closure of parking spaces for an exclusive reservation or that a parking lot attendant be provided. Otherwise, the form must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the event. This is necessary to ensure your event’s parking needs are properly managed. Expect a response within 48 hours of your submission and, should you have any concerns or need further assistance, please contact us at

Departments can offer parking validation for campus parking. Validation codes are versatile and can be tailored to specific needs. For example, a code could be made to validate only 2 hours on Mondays, while another code could act as a one-day pass. Codes can be set for use in a specific lot or across the entire campus. Codes can be reused, deactivated and reactivated at the department’s discretion.

To request a validation code for your department, simply email with the following information:

  • Department Name: The official name of your department as recognized within The University of Akron.
  • Department Address: The full address of your department, including the postal code, to assist in managing and directing guests as needed.
  • Contact Name: The designated point person in your department for parking validation queries.
  • Contact Email: An active email address for sending updates and communications.
  • Contact Phone Number: A direct line, accessible from outside campus phones, for any urgent inquiries.
  • Description of the validation need: Parking lot(s), length of stay, and event date(s) if applicable.

UAkronPark will send the validation code within 1-3 business days.

Additionally, departments have the option to generate new codes or multiple codes simultaneously for diverse needs. UAkronPark will provide step-by-step instructions for guests on how to use these codes. Click here to view the UAkronPark Parking Validation Guide online as a PDF.

UAkronPark will issue monthly invoices for all departments with an active validation code(s). The department is responsible for the transient parking fees accumulated by their guests using the validation codes. These invoices can be paid via ACH or written check.

Introducing Host Pass

Host Pass is an alternative type of validation which enables departments to collect the license plate numbers of their guests’ vehicles ahead of time and then enter them directly into the Sphere system. Guests do not have to take any additional steps after parking on campus: no other information or action is required. This method streamlines the guest experience and is particularly well-suited for events with a known list of attendees.

Departments can request a Host Pass by following the same process outlined above for requesting a validation code. Like validation codes, Host Pass usage results in a monthly invoice based on scheduled use, which will be issued by UAkronPark and can be settled through ACH or check payments.